Meet Luboš

I joined Barclays 8 years ago as a Java developer. After some time, I volunteered myself to lead a team of developers. Initially I was not enjoying the line management that much since I really wanted to continue development, learn more business, and help others learn the business. In time, however, this specific part of my job became the thing that fulfils me the most. Right now, I lead an entire department with software development, QA and support teams. I enjoy going home with the feeling that I helped someone progress, resolve an issue or grow in general.

Investment Banking

Our Prague team has many strong professionals who have brought lots of technical experience to the firm. However since Investment Banking is really rare in Prague, all of us had to get into the business first. This process takes time, but helps with career progress in the firm and many of us find it really interesting. The never-ending change and evolution of this industry brings in a guaranteed challenge for the future too. My English has also improved since I joined the firm. I was used to American English mostly from TV series before I was hired. Having a job interview with managers from Great Britain and Ireland was a great challenge for me. I have however quickly got up to speed within weeks after joining. Mainly thanks to the need to speak in English on daily basis with colleagues from all around the world. Interestingly enough, I often feel more comfortable now speaking in English than in Czech, like for example on the videos on this site where I spoke Czech. I can therefore attest that everyone has the opportunity to develop their language skills as well as their knowledge in the field of finance and investment banking in our firm.

About Luboš

In my spare time, I try to be as active as possible. My wife and I have been going to regular dancing lessons for six years now, and I cycle to work all year round. My colleagues are very surprised when I get to work by other means of transport – this usually means that the weather is extremely unpleasant. I do various sports with my colleagues before as well as after work; I am also responsible for the Sport Stream in Prague that helps facilitating and donating various sport activites by the firm. I am comfortable with my work-life balance, because I enjoy spending time with my colleagues at work as well as during various sport activities as well as spending time with my wife. The firm allows me to manage this balance to suit my needs.

Rob Campbell

Head of Client-Facing Technology

Robert leads a team responsible for the development of client-facing technology in Prague.

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Maria Tarasenko

Software Developer

Maria primarily focuses on the web applications development

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Luboš Housa

Head Of Equities IT

Luboš leads a department that develops and innovates investment systems

Meet Luboš

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