Meet Rob

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a computer available to me, and making it do as I wish has been an unending source of joy and wonder. It was only natural for me to follow this interest and study Computer Science at the University of Pittsburgh. While studying I worked remotely as a programmer for my father’s company and then took a full time job at a local e-commerce start-up as their sole developer. Upon graduating I received an offer from the United States Patent and Trade Office, but declined once I realized I’d be reviewing the creations of others rather can creating anything myself. 

Career opportunity

I came to Prague by way of a friend and took a software development job at an internet advertising company, followed by IT leadership positions in a market research company. I finally came to Barclays in 2012 to start a brand new team in a much larger organization than I was used to. Working at Barclays was a significantly different experience for me; working at such a large organization brings both challenges and opportunities. Both of these have encouraged me to leave my comfort zone and grow in ways which weren’t possible at the smaller organizations I worked for. It’s now my fifth year at Barclays, and I can confidently say that I’m a more well rounded, capable professional than when I joined. Our team has quadrupled in size, which keeps my focus primarily on management, but I still find time to code both at work and home.

About Rob

At home most of my free time is now allocated toward my family, especially my amazing new son. When I do find some time for myself I don’t stray too far from my original love: technology. My current hobbies include functional programming, electronics, 3D printing, and reading science fiction. While I miss living by the ocean and spending my summers on the beach, I try to take advantage of every nice weekend we get here by spending it outside.

Rob Campbell

Head of Client-Facing Technology

Robert leads a team responsible for the development of client-facing technology in Prague.

Meet Rob

Maria Tarasenko

Software Developer

Maria primarily focuses on the web applications development

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Luboš Housa

Head Of Equities IT

Luboš leads a department that develops and innovates investment systems

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