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ShowMax s.r.o.
Praha, Beroun

Antonín Král

Head of Architecture

Antonin is the geek-in-charge who manages the engineering team and runs the office

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Jirka Brunclík

Head of IT Operations

Jirka's job is to keep the IT operations running smoothly

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Arsenii Lisunov

Android Developer

Arsenii is a member of our development team - his role is to create and optimise applications

Meet Arsenii

What is Showmax?

ShowMax is an internet TV service with an extensive catalogue of more than 20,000 TV shows and movies available on-demand. We cover pretty much all of the major platforms (iOS, Android, Apple TV, Chromecast, web browsers and smart TVs) and have functionality like downloads and bandwidth capping critical to markets where connectivity can be an issue. We currently provide services to 65 countries, with more growth plans in the pipeline. Our parent company is Naspers, a global internet and entertainment group and one of the largest technology investors in the world.

Beroun rocks!

Showmax is a truly international operation with offices in Amsterdam, Johannesburg and Dubai. Our main engineering department HQ is in Beroun, chosen specifically for its proximity to Prague and great transport links. We’ve got coffee shops and restaurants on our doorstep, and a great view from our roof terrace.

Think global, act local

Our platform is currently available in 65 countries across five continents. We’ve differentiated ourselves by tailoring both our content and our functionality to local needs. We mix the best Hollywood TV shows and movies with favourites from the UK and then add top local content to create a compelling offering. This gives us and edge on other internet TV services and makes us an attractive partner for telcos, ISPs and hardware manufacturers.

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Perfect team

We’re a young team that values creativity. Everyone has a possibility to influence projects, to cooperate and realise their own ideas. Given the diverse background of the team which comes from all over the world, differences of opinion are normal and in fact welcomed. On top of that, we work with colleagues in Johannesburg, Amsterdam and Dubai. In short, we like to keep things interesting.