GTS Group Brno - A Lufthansa Company

GTS Brno was established in 2005 by Lufthansa as the service center to support Lufthansa units in CEE countries. We provide customer service to clients all over the world within the travel and tourism industry.  We operate as part of a global network of 8 customer service centres based in Peterborough, Dublin, Berlin, Cape Town, Istanbul, Shanghai and Melbourne. 

We are available to help in 12 languages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  GTS Brno offers high quality customer service mainly within the travel and tourist industry. 

At GTS Brno, we provide the booking and sale of travel tickets, we offer information about our Customer Loyalty Program ‘Miles and More’, we support our VIP clients, we deliver airport related services (e.g. information about luggage, dealing with complains) and we ensure a good relationship with our clients.

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