Jawahar Thenkasi Chockkalingam


An outstanding career surpassing business targets and enhancing a company’s image by ensuring world-class customer service and effective selling and a constant review of performance and cost base.

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Jawahar Thenkasi Chockkalingam

I am a globally respected, multi-award-winning and driven professional, with a strong commitment to modern customer service and a widely praised business acumen gained from a distinguished 16 years career in high profile, international retail environments in Dubai, U.A.E. I have moved to Prague recently with my family as my wife job has been shifted here and Prague will be our new home. I look forward for the chance to continue and fast-track my international career with a winning company where

Soft Skills

  • Koncepční myšlení
  • Kreativita
  • Sebereflexe
  • Organizační schopnosti
  • Týmová práce

Cizí jazyky



  •  Key accounts management.  Retail Operations Management.  Principles Management  Territory Management  Sales and Promotional Planning  Merchandising  Inventory Management.  Increase Profitability.

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  • Práce na plný úvazek
  • Práce na částečný úvazek
  • Nový podnikatelský záměr

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