Olga K.

Olga Kšírová


I am ready to put my full energy and enthusiasm into a work that captures me. Work-life balance isn’t only a term for me, it’s a way to be effective at work and happy with my personal life.

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Olga K.
Olga Kšírová

At the moment I’m open to different work opportunities. I would like to work for a company that respects its employees and where a person can grow. I have a lot of experience with working in an international environment and I enjoy the unique creativity that comes from the work of a diverse team. During my previous employment I tried what it’s like to have certain expertise and more responsibility and this is what I would like to take further.

Soft Skills

  • Koncepční myšlení
  • Kreativita
  • Sebereflexe
  • Organizační schopnosti
  • Týmová práce

Cizí jazyky

  • Angličtina (Výborný)
  • Francouzština (Mírně pokročilý)
  • Ruština (Základní)


  • Advanced in MS Office - Excel, PowerPoint, Word
  • nonviolent communication

Zajímá mě

  • Práce na plný úvazek

Mé zájmy

I enjoy rollerblading, badminton and skiing.
My hobby is watching fantasy films and comedy TV series. I like reading different genres books, especially in English.
Mindfulness plays a big part in my life, it helps me handle everyday challenges and stay in the present moment.
I'm interested in a concept of zero waste.

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